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AdLaunch’s intuitive user interface puts tons of advanced video editing tools in a simple framework so you can quickly produce high-quality content.

  • AdLaunch output resolutions supported Landscape: 1920×1080, Square: 1080×1080 and Portrait: 1080×1920
  • AdLaunch offers the Shutterstock 100,000 video clips’ library
  • There is a 4 minute restriction is due to a technical limitation
  • Very limited AD template library
  • Here is a roadmap

The Licensing information:

They grant a 10-year license for the videos created with AdLaunch for online, display advertising, outdoor advertising, and non-paid broadcast TV content. You have the right to sell the new, original videos you create to a client, but not a right to repackage the Shutterstock library video clips into any other libraries. Also, AdLaunch to be used for good content, so we do not tolerate promoting racist, abusive or illegal activities with AdLaunch.

The only thing our third-party music library license doesn’t cover is paid TV advertising.

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